Fiverr raises $30M to grow ‘gig’ $$$

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Small business owners are not taking advantage of the Internet to increase sales according to In2town. With the research that In2town media recently did, they found that small business owners failed to market their products and services online due to the cost that can be incurred. The public relations company also found that small business owners did not understand how powerful a press release can be and did not understand the impact they can make.


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Revisited : Top 5 Nasty Social Media Habits to Discard


Feb 06 2013, 06:00 AM by Hal Licino : Citing a recent post on her Kruse Control site entitled 5 Social Media Habitudes to Leave Behind in 2013, Kathi Kruse outlines the primary habits and attitudes that online marketers have about social media which are overdue to be flushed down the promotional drain. }:{ alt@link }:{ }:{ alt@search

  1. Displaying disdain for social media is stupid
  2. Stop thinking that social media doesn’t move product
  3. Quit gathering your market data through formal research
  4. Don’t hand your online marketing to a staffer based on youth alone
  5. Online reviews & ratings are not for the birds