Singled out by the WP 'Blog Bot' Police

As a returning blogger to WP, I was excited to experiment with some of the new features and blog designs provided here.

But my excitement soon turned to angst when half (2 of 4) of my new blog creations were suddenly singled out, shut down as “spam” by the WP automated web bot, the official mechanical censor of this domain.

Needless to say, the action was an unintended reaction of the mechanical ne’er-do-well and an official apology has been received, even though one of the two sites remains down at this writing.

I can fully appreciate the efforts of blog publishers like WP to manage their domains as they try to prevent abuse by bloggers with dangerous or abusive intents. But the mechanized nature of  this action causes me to ask why no human being reviewed and intervened when the machine made an obvious error?

WP admitted the error even though they are slow to correct the situation. I am waiting for a response and for restoration of of the blog, xactly Rated.

Anyone else with a similar WP issue?


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Singled out by the WP ‘Blog Bot’ Police